Under the careful care of Chunling, her stepfather's condition was stabilized, and she took her stepfather back to her hometown. As soon as I got home, I caught the wheat harvest. My brothers are all at school. My grandparents can only help with cooking or binding wheat. Chunling is the only one who can make wheat in more than 7 mu. In order to catch it, I slept in the ground for several days in a row. I was so tired that I couldn't support it. So I went to sleep on the wheat stamp for a while, and then I woke up and cut again. Because of her anxiety and overwork, Xiao Chunling's mouth blistered and her hands and feet were abraded with blood. She really can't support her, but what about the remaining two acres of wheat? These are all rations for the whole family! She can't help crying in the wheat field. The crying attracted the villagers. They sympathized with her and helped her cut the wheat with all their hands and feet. This hard wheat harvest brought food for the whole family. Second brother also made a huge harvest in the college entrance examination. He was admitted by Tongji University in Shanghai with excellent results. Holding her second brother's letter of acceptance, xiaochunling seemed to forget her tiredness and jumped and shouted happily. Looking at the black and thin little sister, Shen Jianwen, the third brother who lost the list, shed tears and said to himself: "I'm sorry for the little sister, she suffered so much for us, but I -And he cried.